Tessa Fowler - Tessa Fowler - Red Black Christmas Lace GoPro 1
Tessa Fowler - Red Black Christmas Lace GoPro 1

Hi there guys and welcome to Friday!  I am a bit bummed because I am  actually under the weather this weekend, and I've been passing a cold back and forth between me and a few of my friends, I think, so  I'm going to take it easy this weekend and hopefully rest up and feel a lot better real soon.

I'm additonally bummed about it because I was supposed to go to Las Vegas this weekend and do an appearance for Playboy at the AVN Convention, but alas my health would not cooperate, so it was not to be. :(

The good news is that I am healthy enough to be still working away here behind my laptop and I'm happy to bring you another new HD video from my GoPro files, so even if you can't see me in Vegas in person this weekend at least you can see me here and the good news is with this video here you get to see my huge natural boobs up close and in all their glory,  which I would never be able to do on a convention floor so in a way this i s better anyway, right? ;)

Have a great weekend and I will catch up with you again next week.

xoxoxo -- Tessa

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